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IoT systems were always thought to be difficult. However, it is now solved using “VITCON IoT-SYSTEM”.
Hardware is assembled by a module, server is provided free of charge from VITCON, software and APP can be created in 10 minutes with the widget.



Get device ID from mobile app or web page

Data is transmitted from MODLINK to VITCON server

Automatically generates admin page based on data

Controlled with smartphone


an application

by mounting IoT-LINK

It is virtually impossible to implement IoT without expertise in the web, communication and server.
However, when IoT-LINK is mounted to MODLINK, IoT can be realized by anyone without education or knowledge.
After mounting IoT-LINK, register to VITCON web or app to be granted a device ID which is required to connect to MODLINK and the server.
Data is collected and an admin page is automatically created.


generates PC

& Mobile admin page

Provides a page for monitoring and controlling MODLINK
This page can be viewed on PC webs and smart devices such as smartphones and tablets.
In addition, it can alarm and control equipment malfunction monitor the status real-time.


with admin page

widget function

You can create your own admin page. Widget (drag & drop) function allows users to create the admin page easier and faster.
The admin page is automatically configured based on the information collected by the server.
However, you can configure your own UI interface by editing with the widget function.

Automatic update

with real-time


Collects facility operation data in real time
MODLINK is connected to a sensor which is connected to the production facility.
Facility and exclusive equipment data are transferred to the cloud server in real-time by MODLINK.
In addition, the product can be checked real time by the person in charge and the product can also be updated.
All IoT systems use its own server.


Compact size

MODLINK is a board that modularizes various devices in an embedded system. Students learning to use the embedded programming or engineers using microcomputers in the industrial site can train and commission without configuring complicated circuits.

MODLINK is based on ARDUINO which is an embedded board and it only requires the basics of C / C++ to operate. In addition, the modularized devices are easy to carry and can be used immediately when they are mounted on BASE-LINK. If necessary, external devices or circuits can be connected and used.

Assemble only

the desired modules

MODLINK provides various link modules from simple modules such as relay, TACT, and LED to communication modules such as Bluetooth and Ethernet. Also, ARDUINO users can easily use MODLINK as it is fully compatible with ARDUINO UNO.

MODLINK allows you to see the operation immediately by simply changing the link module assembly.
Operation can be viewed and worked directly and it is possible to commission immediately by attaching and detaching the link module.

Start the circuit design after commissioning with all the requirements!



development period

MODLINK is a modularized software and hardware technology that has been developed by VITCON for many years. No excess modules to be mounted on the board. The desired modules can be mounted which saves time and cost needed for PCB design.

This not only reduces PCB production cost but also allows specifications to be altered flexibly.



With MODLINK, operation can be confirmed without an additional device. When the program development is complete on PC, connect MODLINK to a sensor or a Auator to confirm the operation.

Use either “Arduino Sketch” or “PROCHIP STUDIO” programmed by VITCON.

PROCHIP Integrated Development Environment – PROCHIP STUDIO supports two languages: C and FA which are familiar to software engineers and ladder which is familiar to PLC engineers.


Upgrade version

of Arduino Sketch

PROCHIP STUDIO is a high performance integrated development environment which is programmed and distributed free of charge from VITCON.

PROCHIP STUDIO is an upgrade version of ARDUINO SKETCH. PROCIHP STUDIO has an editor feature that includes auto complete tips, syntax highlight, auto indent and is able to compile and upload with a single click.


languages C and

ladder are usable

PROCHIP STUDIO supports two languages by default.

C and FA which are familiar to existing microcomputer and software engineers and Ladder which is familiar to PLC engineers.