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Educational MODLINK

From imagination

to reality

MODLINK is a new assembly type controller based on open software and is designed to be used conveniently in C language.
Students who have little knowledge of microcomputers or electronic hardware can easily program using MODLINK.
It can be operated immediately by assembling the desired link module on the base board which turns imagination to reality.

MODLINK that is configured and experimented in front of a computer can be applied and tested in industrial fields.


by assembling

the desired LINK

like a Lego

MODLINK is used by assembling the desired link module on the base board as if you are playing with a Lego.

Time needed for hardware design is dramatically shortened because no wiring is required.

Educate software

and hardware


MODLINK is easy to learn and develop without basic knowledge of programming and hardware.
Since various link modules are provided, various exercises can be performed. Also, motor, heater, LED, LCD, FND, etc. can be operated by a microcomputer without expert knowledge.

It does not require development equipment such as an in-circuit debugger or an emulator. It can be compiled and downloaded with a USB and a high-performance C compiler with built-in debugging function that is provided free of charge.

Coding practice



Since software education has been adopted as a regular course from 2018, Increasing number of students are interested in software education.
Arduino is gaining popularity because it is a not only a software but also a tool to manipulate hardware and turn imagination into reality.
To keep up with the trend, we have published beginners practice material for MODLINK that is fun and easy to follow. The practice materials are currently used in the education market.