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Easy and Convenient

C Processor

PROCHIP can be easily controlled with the basics of C language.

It is a microcomputer controlled by C language. Once the downloaded program is stored in FLASH memory, it will be stored even if power is turned off. Also, with the high-performance C compiler that is designated as the official platform of Google’s hardware, engineers using C language compiler will be able to access without any inconvenience.


various libraries

PROCHIP is fully compatible with an open source platform ARDUINO, offering a myriad of sample sources and libraries around the world.

Development tools

and microcomputers

that do not require

a C compiler

PROCHIP has built-in debugging capabilities. Therefore, development tools such as in-circuit debugger and emulator are not necessary.

When connected to the USB port of the PC, PROCHIP enters the debug state. When the USB is disconnected, it enters a standalone state which operates by itself.

Reduced development

time and cost

One disadvantage of microcomputer is that it’s difficult to develop. PROCHIP is a product that lowers difficulty and reduces development period.

You can save cost by purchasing PROCHIP when producing a small quantity of various products and download only the boot load to use PROCHIP at the price of microcomputers when mass producing.

Also, VITCON has programmed and published an integrated development environment PROCHIP STUDIO for free. PROCHIP STUDIO supports languages C, FA and Ladder which are familiar to PLC engineers.