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Integrated PLC

that can monitor and

control remotely

PROPLC is an all-in-one PLC equipped with various functions that enable real-time monitoring and remote controlling.

It is a very small terminal block and it is easy to connect to a smart phone regardless of location. It is a very small PLC that can be used like the existing PLC.

You can check the status of PLC in real time by using a smart phone, detect the problem and provide A/S remotely.

Capable of building

smart factories

With PROPLC, you can build smart factories by connecting PROPLC with all automation equipment and communicating with higher level control systems.

The desired communication module can be expanded using PROPLC communication expansion board. Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / ETHERNET / RF / SERIAL communication can be expanded.

This can improve the efficiency and performance of work. PROPLC assists in building customers’ cutting-edge production environment.


reduced cost


you can check the status of PLC with a smart phone that anyone can carry around these days, instead of the expensive touch panel that displays and sets the status of the PLC in the industrial fields. This can dramatically reduce the cost of PLC design which includes the cost of purchasing and maintaining the touch panel and the cost of installation.

PLC functions can be

completely replaced

PROPLC can be used in the same way as the PLC currently used in the industrial fields. The wiring method and the voltage are identical.

In order to use special functions such as A/D input, D/A output, DC24V input, RELAY output, serial communication in PLC, an expansion unit is needed. However, PROPLC is included in a board which reduces cost, space and installation time.
In addition, if PROPLC is installed in PLC currently used by Mitsubishi and LS Industrial Systems it is possible to create an interface using serial communication.