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Development process

If more than 100 units are in production, the development cost is free !!
If you’d like a consultation, please leave a message on the bulletin board ” Development / Estimate Questions ” and we’ll contact you right away.


We will do our best to provide satisfying service through short development period and reasonable price.


1. Development Request

2. Preparation of the requirement specification after consultation

3. Estimation

4. Contract

5. Proceed with development

6. Test (commissioning)

7. Completion of development and delivery

8. A / S


If the device ID is issued to MODLINK IOT-LINK, an administrator page will be created automatically.
In addition, the admin page can be edited directly by drag & drop function (widget).


1. Issue device ID

2. Automatically generates admin page

3. Admin page editable


development board


When developing in VITCON, development time was shortened by more than 10 times using “MODLINK”, a product that modularized parts needed for development.

This reduces PCB manufacturing costs and allows flexible response when specification changes are made.

Explore Vitcon’s IoT service which saves time and money.